Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Last night, Tony & I went to the Cardinal's game with Val & Kevin. We had an absolute blast. Val got free tickets for spending way too much money on her cardinal's credit card and treated us to one of the best experiences I've had at the new stadium. We were in the Best Buy Luxury Suite. Plasma HD TV's everywhere, couches, even a TV in the refrigerator door! The food was phenomenal; ballpark franks, brats w/ sauerkraut, nachos with the works, kick-ass chicken strips, deli sandwiches, fruit tray, cheese tray, and the dessert tray - which I took a whole plate of the brownies home with me. It also included free beer and soda. What more could we ask for. Little did we know our box came equipped with PlayStation3 and a Wii. I have never played the Wii before and have always wanted to try it as I've heard adults have more fun with it than kids do. Val and I tried the boxing game. Jesus - that was the best workout I had in a long time; I was sweating, out of breath, and laughing so hard, not to mention the other people in the room, I couldn't breathe. It was hilarious. Val was crying she was laughing so hard. I beat her and the proceeded to play a 4 year old, who kicked my butt. Val videotaped it and we laughed about the video tape for the next 2 hours. I still laugh every time I watch it. Hilarious!! I've decided that I need to get one of these Wii games. Just for the exercise benefit alone. I'm going to go look at them this weekend. A free ticket to a game is going to end up costing me a couple hundred probably!! But maybe it will get me into somewhat of shape, which is more than my gym membership is doing right now.

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