Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Down with the Sickness...

For all the hard work and long hours I've been pulling lately trying to survive, my body has decided to reward me with a sickness. At first I thought it was allergies because my eyes were watery, my throat itchy, but now I think I may have a sinus infection. Not only to have have the previous 2 symptoms listed, but also a horrible cough, fever, stuffy head, congested lungs, and pressure in my ears. As I sit here typing, I'm trying to chew gum to get rid of this horrible snot breath I have and breathe through my mouth at the same time. Typically, I'm able to multi-task but apparently not right now. I've bitten my tongue about 5 times so far, yet I continue to chew. Apparently the cold meds have gotten to my brain and have caused it to not function properly. For example: this morning on my way to work I completely missed my exit, then turned on my left turn signal to make a right turn and sat at a stop sign in a daze until the vehicle behind me started honking, which scared me, so I hit the gas and almost hit a car coming from the left.

The reason I bring this up is because the medicine I took stated on the box that it was the non-drowsy formula. So maybe it didn't put me into a coma, but it altered my judgement and ability to think coherently. I could have killed myself all because I was driving to work, with a common cold, which I told cold medication for.

Here's my other peeve: Last night I realized I only had enough cold medicine to take then or skip that dose and wait until morning. I wanted to stop and get some more late yesterday evening so that I could take a dose before bed to help me rest and then again to get me through work today. But then I was reminded that the pharmacy was closed and unless I drove all the way to a 24 hour pharmacy, I would not be able to get any because of the meth makers. That really irritates me. I'm sick, I can't get medicine unless I drive to a 24 hours pharmacy because someone decided to use my cold medicine to produce crystal meth to make their teeth fall out. At that point, I wanted to track down a meth head and kick his teeth in for him, save him the habit and ask him for my medicine which he was going to use to concoct drugs. Living in St. Charles, I'm sure there were some that live closer to me than the 24 hour pharmacy.

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