Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lack of Sleep

So this morning started the schedule of once a month production installs for me at work. These installs start at 2 AM, so I have to be in the office about 1:30 AM. Due to my normal sleep schedule getting in the way, I was not able to adjust going to bed so early and therefore was unsuccessful at getting any sleep. Tony had hockey practice and was walking in the front door as I was waking up from my oh so short nap. I've come to realize I have bigger issues than lack of sleep. I do not function, (i.e can't follow my normal dressing routine, can't drive, and I definitely had problems getting out of my car once in the parking lot) this early in the morning unless there is alcohol involved. I know, sad, isn't it? Ironically, the team brought in some white castles for everyone and even those didn't even smell scrumptious without with gurgling acidic alcohol in my tummy. For next months install, I'm going to have to start my morning off right with some Bailey's and Coffee or Hot Chocolate. We'll just consider that a night cap, or should it be morning cap?

Sorry, today's blog is going to be cut short...unfortunately, my brain is not working well enough to effectively communicate my thoughts. Possibly more to come after some sleep this afternoon.

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