This is me...
I'm a wife, a mother, and a career woman, who is growing up one day at a time. I lead a dysfunctional, sometimes normal, always crazy, full of love, extremely interesting life. What more could I ask for?

I have a degree in Information Technology and I'm currently serving in the role of Release Engineer for a large communications company.  Previously, I've worked for several IT departments in some very large brokerage firms.  I am a non-practicing licensed investment broker.  I am an area manager for Jewels By Park Lane, an awesome direct sales company that sells designer inspired jewelry.  I am motivated.  I am goal driven.  I am a go-getter.  I am determined. I am successful.

**My Interests**
I love my family.
I love music.
I love to dance.
I love boating.
I love movies.
I love to play darts.
I love jewelry.
I love chocolate.

This is Tony...
My Loving Husband

Tony is an electrician by trade.  A hard worker, not afraid to get his hands dirty.  Tony is my opposite...but yet also my twin.  We have the same thoughts on today's world, raising our child, and know what makes the other tick.  Tony is a neat freak; me, not so much.  Tony is an inventor; I'm always finding flaws in his ideas (yet I'm still his biggest supporter).  Tony is my tinker-er; I'm just trying to get things done as quickly as I can.  Tony is my love.

This is Drew...

Drew is my 18 month old, love of my life!  He is simply amazing...how he changes everyday, the way he grasps new things, the way he has changed me into being "Momma".  My life turned completely upside down the day he joined our family and I wouldn't change any of it one bit!  I love my little man!  Drew is a fan of Thomas & Friends (or TT choo choo, as he calls it), he loves Cheerios (or Chee-O's), and loves to dance (like his momma)!  Drew is my meaning of unconditional love.

This is our Family...
The Phillips Family


  1. Hi Deandra!
    I'm looking forward to having you as a co-host tomorrow! Interesting "About Me" section. I think it's awesome that you work in the field of IT (I had to come check out your About Me after you told me that you are pretty familiar with HTML and that you're a software engineer! My boyfriend is in the IT field. He's more into networks and security but it's all very interesting to me. Once I finish my bachelors in Business (almost done!) I think I am going to take some web design courses.

    See you at the party tomorrow!

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks

  2. hey there!
    just wanted to stop by, introduce myself and say hi. i'm happy to be co-hosting the aloha friday hop with you this month and getting to know you and your blog.
    have a great rest of the week, come by and visit when ya can. :)