Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Interiors

This was my post from Saturday, however, I didn't get it posted before my Internet went finally came back on last night...geeh...

I moved into my house last year in November. As some know, my I had my house built, so it came with no blinds, curtains, etc. For the last year, my walls have been blank with the exception of a few pictures that I bought here and there, but otherwise, empty and plain. As of last night, I finally have some decor that went up on the walls and the downstairs actually looks like someone lives here, compliments of my mother. She is an awesome interior decorator and does wonders when it comes to hanging things, matching colors and knowing what will look good and what will not. And the best part about it is, she LOVES doing it. I'm finally relieved. Of course, I would love to have some blinds (other than the paper ones I currently have) and curtains. Perhaps those will come by this time next year. I didn't realize the expense of owning, maintaining and decorating a house to make it livable. Its almost a full time job. Throw a husband and a couple of kids in the mix and I don't know how women do it and stay sane! I'm in utter amazement now that I'm a homeowner. Those of you with houses and families, you are my hero's! I've decided that I need to return to school so that I can make more money and hire a cleaning lady.

Seriously though, I am planning on returning to school to get my MBA with a concentration in technology. This is a huge step for me because I absolutely HATE school. I don't have the patience or urge to ever attend class. However, I've learned that get anywhere in life, it requires pain and suffering...and this to me is about as painful as it can get. Thank god its only 78 weeks...god...that sounds horrible.

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