Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm having some difficulties dealing with Ameren, the only electrical supplier available to power up my home with electricity. Back in May, I received my bill and I noticed that it had *FINAL BILL* in the corner of it. It was delievered in an envelope enclosed with a flyer notifying that this would be the last bill at the fall/spring rate. The next one would be billed at the higher, summer rate. So I assumed that was what the final bill indicator meant. I assumed wrong. I called in early July to notify them that I had not received a bill since May. They told me that my balance was $30 something dollars (which I thought seemed awfully cheap) however, I paid it. Then last week I called again to notify Ameren that I, once again had not received a bill. I gave them the billing address and they told me that the bill had been paid, on time, since May. I found that odd, so I asked, "Who paid it, I didn't." Then....are you ready for this...the lady on the phone says, well ma'm, the bank has. This address was repossessed by the bank. WHAT?!?!?!? I told the lady that was impossible, there is no possible way that the bank could have repossessed my home because I didn't even hold a mortgage on the property. So she put me on hold for what felt like a few hours and told me she was checking into it. When she came back on the line she said that the bill was asked to be taken of my name effective in May (when I received the *FINAL BILL* notice). I had received no phone call, email, post mail, anything notifiying me of this. So I calmly asked the woman to swich the bill back into my name as this was a mistake. She then tells me she cannot do this without first getting permission from the current bill-payer, the bank. I was furious. How could you take it out of my name when I was the current, bill-payer without my permission?? So she tells me that it is out of her hands and she is going to have to refer my "case" to the resolution department. They would call me with an update in at least 48 hours.

So, 48 hours phone call. I call again, no status. Then on Saturday, I recieve a bill from Ameren in the mail for over $300, due on September 15. Again, my blood pressure raised. Why should I be responsible to pay this bill, they were the ones that screwed up, not me. The bank was the one that requested service at my address to be moved to them, let them eat it for the headache they caused me.

Now, I'm going to dispute this, but its not like I can refuse to pay it. If I do, they will shut off my electric and there is not another electric company that can supply me with power. I don't think it is fair that Amerun can monopolize the electric industry when it comes to power supply. My only alternative would be to install solar power, which typically isn't enough to run my furnace or use the wind, which those of you who have been to my house know that the wind will blow you over. However, that would require an investment probably close to the purchase price of my house.

SO, bottom line is that I will proabably have to pay this stinkin bill...but I'm not going out without a fight!


  1. UPDATE: So, like I said, I had to pay this bill. However, the worked out a deal so that I only have to pay $136 now and $25 on top of each bill for the next 5 months. Guess I could get a lawyer, but the charge for the paperclips alone would cost me more than to just pay the stupid bill.

  2. Thats good that you were able to work something out. Who knew the electric company was willing to put service on lay-away!!!!!