Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Election Issues

Recently, I've been reading up and watching a lot of TV regarding the election issues. This is the first election that I've actually followed because I'm finally at an age were these issues can effect me. I was raised republican by my parents, but now that I'm an adult I believe that I have the right to vote for whatever party I feel will benefit me and the economy better. I feel the same about religion. Just because you were raised a certain belief, doesn't mean that you can't convert to another as an adult. Parents are intended to raise you as they see fit and bring you up the way they feel that you should be raised. My parents did a great job at this, but I'm on my own now and have a right to my own beliefs, opinions, and ideas.

That being I stated in my first blog, this is my own opinion and the way I feel. I know that politics and religion are touchy subjects to talk about, but this is my blog and I would like to express my feelings, opinions, and discuss my thoughts on certain issues. That does not mean I want to battle someone of which candidate is better, however, if you would like to comment on the issues or reasons you feel differently than I do, that is acceptable. I will never look differently upon someone for having a different outlook, opinion, or idea other than what I have. That is what makes us all different. We would all live in a pretty boring world if we all thought the same, looked the same, and did the same things. So, feel free to comment...

Issue #1 - Health Care - McCain
I'm going to have to back John McCain on this one. I do not necessarily agree with Obama's proposal of a national health insurance program for individuals who do not have employer-provided health plans. I come from a family of small business owners and this plan would require employers who do not provide health insurance to pay into a national health insurance program. My question is, what if the employee only works part-time - are they still entitled to insurance benefits? I do support McCain's proposal for health care tax dividends for low-income Americans, medical malpractice reform and encouraging small businesses to get together to negotiate lower rates with health care providers.

Issue #2 - Iraq - McCain
Obama wants to remove 1 combat brigade each month with a complete withdrawal of combat brigades within 16 months. While I would love nothing more than to bring our troops home I feel that everything that we have been over there doing the last few years would be for nothing. The Iraqi government would take control and mass chaos would break out all over again. I do not ever want to see another attack like 9/11 in my lifetime. I support and appreciate all the soldiers that are over there, have been over there, and lost their lives fighting for this country. McCain wants to deal with the Iraqi insurgency by securing the population and work on establishing a stable government. I'm all about fixing the problem first, then removing the troops after.

Issue #3 - Economy - Obama
Obama wants to put $75 billion back into the economy with tax cuts and direct spending - strictly for working families, seniors, homeowners, and the unemployed. It would also include another $45 billion if the economy would continue to worsen. McCain wants to lower the corporate tax rate and give a research and development tax credit. I understand that companies are suffering and laying off people because of their losses, however, its because people are not spending money - or generating revenue for corporations. I agree that money should be dumped into the economy, but I don't know if providing it to corporations is the right way to go. I believe that it should go into peoples pockets.

Issue #4 - Immigration - null
Both candidates have the same views on this issue

Issue #5 - Foreign Policy - Obama
Obama wants to reconcile with the government, end the war, and bring our troops home. I agree with this, but not with bringing home 1 combat brigade a month. I think that everything McCain strategy in Iraq needs to be put in place first, then this. He is also willing to meet with nation leaders - friend and foes. He wants to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine, he wants to strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty so that country's that break this will face international sanctions. And finally, he wants to stop the killings in Darfur. I support all of these. McCain wants to develop a national missile defense to secure our homeland from missile attack and blackmail by rogue regimes. He wants to increase the size of our armed forces (which I understand as "draft"). And finally, he says that military action is an option in Iran, but would consult with congressional leaders before taking action. I support Obama more in this issue...

Issue #6 - Energy and the Environment
I need to do some more research on this issue. Right now I'm torn between the two, but don't know a lot about the subject.

Issue #7 - Abortion/Gay Marriage/Stem Cell Research - McCain
I'm pr0-life, with restrictions. I do not believe that someone who is raped should be forced to have the child. I do not believe that someone who could possibly die during childbirth or while carrying should be forced to have the child. It should be their decision. I need to do more research on this topic as well to find out if there will be restrictions if roe vs wade is overturned. As for gay marriage - whatever floats your boat...leave it up to the state to determine if they will allow it or not. I agree with stem cell research on embryos that would be discarded. Guess for now, until I get all my details, I'll have to go with McCain for this one.

So as of right now, McCain is in the lead based on the issues and my thoughts listed above...however, I still have one undecided issue that Obama could get my vote for, which would tie the two. So, how do I vote if they tie? I guess I'll have to weight out my issues in order of importance and the top 3 issues win. More to come...

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