Friday, September 12, 2008


Yesterday, I didn't post anything as I was home sick and couldn't really conjure up anything to to write about. Wednesday afternoon, I left work early because I wasn't feeling well, went to my mom's who proceeded to tell me I had pneumonia and took me to the emergency room. My neck was also twice its size from swollen lymph nodes and it really worried her. Those that know me would know that I hate going to the doctor and must feel like I'm about to take my last breath for me to go. I felt pretty bad, but not bad enough to go the the emergency room. However, because she is my mother and she worries, I thought I would ease her mind.

We got to Christian NW Emergency Center at 2 PM. I signed in and proceed to wait in the waiting room until 4:45 when they finally took me back for more waiting. Now, I was pretty sick, coughing every 5 minutes and spreading my sickness. Mom and I were discussing what if my grandmother, who has leukemia, were in the waiting area. She has no immune system and therefore if she was in the same area I was in, she would definitely end up with pneumonia and could possibly die. People who come in that are spreading germs should be quarrantined once they get there in my opinion. How bad would it suck to come into the hospital to get some stitches on a cut and end up back in the emergency room with pneumonia a week later because some broad in the waiting room was hacking up a lung and her germs spread to you while you were waiting for your stitches?? In no way was this hospital in any hurry to see patients. What is the point of going to the emergency room if they don't treat your illness as an emergency? Granted, my sickness was not an emergency, but seriously, there were 5 people in the waiting room when I arrived and it took them 3 hours to treat 5 people? I finally left at 6:25 PM with 2 prescriptions and a diagnosis of severe acute bronchitis.

I am going with my girlfriends to the Journey, CheapTrick, Heart concert at Riverport this weekend. It is supposed to storm (damn you Hurricane Ike!!). Tony told me that if I go, I am definitely going to have pneumonia by Sunday for sure!! I don't feel all that bad anymore, just a horrible cough, that hopefully the Z-Pack they prescribed me will cure. I really don't want to miss this concert, but then again, I really don't want to be hospitalized. Decisions, decisions...

On another of my favorite holidays is quickly approaching. This is my first Halloween in my new house so we are going to celebrate by handing out candy to all the kiddos in the neighborhood, decorating the garage to be a haunted garage complete with icky things for the kids to stick their hands in (i.e. eyeballs, brains, etc). Anyone is welcome. Bring your kids and take them trick-or-treating around the neighborhood (there's a lot of houses) or bring some candy and sit in the "haunted garage" and hand it out to all the kids. I know some people like my parents and my brother & sis in law live where they don't get any trick-or-treaters so this its a treat for them to hand out candy...besides if we have a handfull of people all handing out candy at one house, we will be the favorite of the neighborhood. Feel free to dress up...I think my brother is...I might if I can come up with something. I can't wait!!! Oh, and I will be making a large pot of Chili and another pot of chili with no beans- and have sides of all the fixins and some appetizers and ghoulish desserts. No one has to bring anything but your choice of beverage, but if you would like to, you are more than welcome!

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  1. UPDATE: I just received an email from my girls that I was supposed to go to the concert with. We have decided to try to sell our tickets because of the weather. That makes it an easy decision!