Thursday, October 30, 2008

Father/Daughter Talk

My father and I had a talk Sunday while at Fast Eddies. He was pointing out how all my friends are either married, divorced, or have a child who the grandparents are practically supporting (this only applies to 1 person). They all have something going on in their lives - all in the departments I've been lacking in. He told me that makes me the smart one because I'm not married, therefore can't get divorced and award him custody of my child because I can't support him or her. I've always said that I never wanted to get married. Over 1/2 of the weddings I've been to in my lifetime are mostly all now divorced, with the exception of some of the most recent ones and a few from a couple years ago and after watching several of my friends go though that mess, I figured its just easier not to do it. I think that people get married for the wrong reasons now days, AND its way too easy to get divorced than it was years ago. I've been fortunate that I didn't make any stupid mistakes and marry someone just because I wanted a big party and a white dress OR end up getting knocked up in my crazy single days and having to deal with a deadbeat father.

Still talking to my father, I pointed out all the weddings I've attended just in this year, the year prior and those close friends of mine over the last 5 or so years. Then I started bringing up the people that I know that got married that I didn't attend their wedding because it was out of state or in another country. For example, just this year I've had Crystals, my brothers, my cousins, Heather's brother, Valerie's. That doesn't include all the weddings of people I know that I didn't attend. Next year will probably be even more ridiculous. The funny part about it, the majority of the weddings that I've been to in the past year or two are all people younger than me. Why is that? Probably because most people my age are already married...and having children. Which brought me to my next point (which Rachel's blog today was about)...all the pregnant people this year. I probably know at least 10 people who are pregnant or had a baby this year. I'm surrounded by babies! Literally, BOTH of my neighbors just had babies in July and August. I told my dad that I'm broke because of all the wedding/baby showers I've attended this year and all the weddings I've been a part in. My dads only response was, "It never a few years, you won't be going to weddings or showers anymore, you'll be going to funerals only you'll be spending your money on flowers and charity contributions. Instead of celebrating a new start or a new life, you'll be celebrating the end of one." Celebrating death? I think he meant celebrating that person and the life they lived while they were still alive. Although, I've never been to a funeral that was a fun party. Its typically quiet and sober. I'm not looking forward to those days ahead.

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