Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weekly Blog or just no news?

I realized that I haven't written a blog for about a week now. I come on this site everyday with the intention of writing something, yet nothing ever gets posted. Is that because I don't have the time or because here of late, I've had nothing passionate to write about? Today I felt the urge to just talk about a number of random things. Last nights debate, the weather, the obscene amount of weight I'm about to gain because McDonald's has monopoly again, the new diet I started this week until I found out today that monopoly was back at McDonalds, my relationships, my struggles. This could get quite long if I share all of this today, but if I don't get to it all, I'll have something to refer to when I have time to write the next blog and can't come up with anything to talk about.

First, lets talk about McDonalds. I'm not a huge MickeyD's eater, but occasionally I get a craving for their fries or a cheeseburger. However, on the flip, I'm addicted to monopoly and have been since I was a kid. So, for the next few weeks, I'll eat a ton of chicken sandwiches and blow up like a balloon, or a chipmuck storing nuts for the winter. My mom said it would be cheaper and healthier if I didn't play the game, but I can't do it. Its like an addiction. She also said that if I win the $$ isn't going to fix my waistline. Boy is she wrong, if I won $1,000,000 I could get lipo which beats any diet. Why not shed lbs in minutes rather than months and years. Heck, I'd do that now if I could afford it. Which leads into my new diet. Val's wedding is coming up 1 month and one week from today. I have got to shed some lbs before then. That being said, I started dieting on Monday. Breakfast is a piece of toast or english muffin with margarine, lunch is whatever I have time for and dinner is whatever I feel like making. The actual diet is the t-burn that I started to take again and Wii Fit, when it comes in, for exercise. As some know, I took the t-burn (after it was approved by my doctor that it didn't have effedra (sp?) in it) a few years ago and lost 65 lbs. I kept the weight off for a long time, until I bought my house and got stressed about not having a job. Its still a diet though, just in pill form.

Ok, on to the next horrible luck. Yesterday while on my way into work, I had a blowout. Apparently I ran over (or someone sabotaged me) a swiss army knife and it punctured my tires in multiple places. I had to buy 2 new tires, which are low profile performance run-flat tires at about $300 each. I was not happy. Not to mention it rained, so I was wet, cold and ticked off. My luck has not been there lately...I wonder if its because I don't forward on the emails that tell me I'm going to get struck by lighting and die in the next 7 minutes, 18 seconds if I don't send it on to 35 people in the 4.5 minutes following reading it. Maybe I should start sending those on and tag a note on the heading..."sorry guys, I need all the luck I can get right now..." That's usually what the heading is on the ones I receive.

I think that is about all for today. I need to get back to work.

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