Friday, October 17, 2008

New Blogs

I've been slacking in posting new blogs, sorry to those of you who find enjoyment in the chaos I call life. Although I don't post everyday, I do come to the site everyday to check for comments because I do love reading peoples comments on my posts and to read the other blogs that I follow. I'm excited because another friend as followed in the public venting of blog writing and I have a new blog to follow. I don't know why, but reading about others lives is more interesting than reading a book. If anyone else that reads my blog has one of their own, please let me know so I can share in the day to day happenings of your life.
I read a blog this morning that was talking about knowing that fall was here because of all the hustle and bustle that's starting to happen with weekend becoming more and more chaotic trying to juggle multiple things in one weekend to please everyone and fulfill the duties of family. As I posted a comment for her on my busy happenings I started thinking about my hectic schedule. I between the get togethers that I'm hosting, the weddings, and birthday's coming up, I'm already exhausted knowing that little bit of relaxation time that I usually set aside on the weekends is coming to an end. Shortly following all of that, here come the holiday's which means work Christmas functions for Tony and I, family functions, and of course, our annual Christmas party. I hosted it last year and it has not yet been determined who will have it this year, but I'm guessing it may be me again.

Last weekend was Val's bachelorette party, an event that took weeks to put together. West and I started her off on a scavenger hunt making her go from house to bar to casino to find people and clues of where she needed to go next. I thought it was a lot of fun. The party officially started at Rookies where we dined and drank until the bus picked us up. Everything was going great. I never seen so many peckers in my life. I think they were attached to Val everywhere! I'm not exactly sure why bachelorette party's are infatuated with these male extremities, but everyone seems to have a good time when there's a peter involved. I booked a party bus, which showed up almost an hour late and we went bar hopping. Val had a great time and as far as I'm aware so did everyone else. I was stressed all night. The bus being late started it, and it just escalated from there. I think I was the most sober on the trip except for Aunt Joan, my 72 year old aunt that loves to party. She drove our drunk butts home stopping every 10 minutes to make sure we were not puking in her new enclave. Fortunately, I have help in planning these wedding adventures that the maid of honor is typically responsible for planning. Kim, Val's sister is also the matron of honor. She took care of planning the shower which is tomorrow. I'm getting excited because all these party's and showers mean one thing...the big day is right around the corner.

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