Monday, October 27, 2008

Much needed rest...

Today starts off the new work week, which I'm actually quite excited for. It provides a time for me to catch up on some much needed rest. Most normal people rest on the weekends, I do mine during the week since I'm able to sit in one place (my comfy chair) for several hours without being rushed from one desitination to the next.

Within the past couple of weeks and weekends, I've been so busy there has been little time to catch up on rest I've desperately needed. This past weekend was another busy one. Friday night, I had a jewelry party at my house, which proceeded to end with a full night of intoxication and our own version of playing Rock Band in the basement. Only we don't use the electronic game devices, we use the real thing. 1 Ipod, 1 drum set, 2 guitars (one lead, one bass) and a microphone. Val and I sang vocals, Tony played the drums and the ipod provided the rest. All I can say is alcohol is a hell of a drug. It makes one go from very intelligent, to instant idiot. I don't really remember going to bed because Tony carried me upstairs after I passed out on the couch in the basement, but I think it may have been around 4 AM. Saturday, Tony played in a washer tournament at Spanish Lake park and I went out shopping for Heather's birthday gift. That evening to celebrate Heathers existance, we went to a wine bar in Kirkwood that was pretty cool, at least the girls all thought so, and then ended the evening at Trainwreck on Manchester. Actually, Tony, Jeremy, Heather, Mike and I ended our evening at the waffle house and stuffed our faces. We entered our sleeping quarters at 3:00 AM. With less than enough sleep, Tony and I woke on Sunday at 7:30 AM to head to my parents to finish their electrical service that Tony started for them the previous weekend. Poor Tony was in a lot of pain. At 1:00, Tony and I and my parents we left to head to Fast Eddies where we met the Sheeley family to once again celebrate Heather becoming yet another year older. We stayed there till around 8, when Tony and I left with my parents to go to Tony's in Alton when I got my favorite, pepperloin. We finally made it home and in bed by 10:30. It was a hell of a weekend, but we survived. Next weekend, we have Halloween, Mike Sheeley's wedding, and hopefully, a day of recovery.

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