Thursday, January 28, 2010

Get Real

Ok, this may sound like the stupidest blog post you might ever read and you might feel a tad bit stupider just from reading it...

I took my acrylic nails off. First time in over 14 years! I didn't think that I even had fingernails under them anymore its been so long since I've seen them. I CAN'T DO ANYTHING!!!!! I can't type, I can't pick things up, its kind of like taking away your opposable thumbs! I know this must sound ridiculous to most of the people that read my blog posts, but to me something just isn't right. Out of balance or something. I don't know if I can't get used to this. I do have to say however, that after having fake nails for so long, my real nails are really not in that bad of shape, which must mean that I go to a very good nail salon and they are not damaging my nail beds!

This is the sad part...I am horrible at painting my own nails. I've never done this before...I've painted my toes, sure, but never my own finger nails. My mom always did it for me growing up, then I've had fakes after that. I've always paid to get my nails done. And obviously, I'm going to have to continue to pay because when I do it, they look like crap. Not to mention that I got nail polish on my couch (which I got out immediately of course).

On another note, I'm on day 4 without a cigarette. Doing good so far...but we will see what the weekend brings. I haven't posted anything about it yet because after my failed attempt last year, I didn't want to be a loser twice. I'm sure I will be, but at least this time, I'm not really having to many cravings. Hmmm....maybe its because Tony is trying to quit with me. Although he's still smoking, he's only been doing about 3-4 a day which is good for him.


  1. Great job on both your parts! Cutting down and cutting it out! Keep up the great work.

  2. That made me laugh! Good job on not smoking! I am on day 22 with zero nicotine! It gets easier!!!!

  3. You can do seems like you have more desire this time around.