Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Moon (Twilight Saga Part 2)

Last night, I got home, made the flank steak I marinated overnight with some potatoes and corn and debated on what to do with the rest of my evening. I really had enjoyed the last couple of days, well, Saturday anyway; curling up on the couch with Bella and my Twilight book. I had started reading Midnight Sun on the Internet, Stephanie Meyers rough draft of the Twilight book, only from Edward Cullen's point of view, but I really wanted to continue with the saga. The Internet reading was good for killing time in my downtime during the day. So, last night after I found out Crystal wasn't finished with the 2nd book, Tony and I trucked up to Books-A-Million to buy the rest of the series. Unfortunately, they didn't have all of them. They did, however have New Moon, the sequel to Twilight in paperback, which I purchased. I proceeded to go home and order the 4 books set from Barnes&Noble.com as well as the soundtrack - there is a piano ballad called Bella's Lullaby which I really like, not to mention Linkin Park, Paramore, etc. I listened to it last night, and it literally put Bella, my dog to sleep. As Tony watched the Mizzou game, I got comfy in the chase and started to read. Before I knew it, it was 12:00, Tony was in bed, and I was a good 200 pages into the book. I didn't want to put it down, but knowing that I had to work today, I figured it was a good thing to do. I'm hooked...I never thought I would be. Tony and I had a conversation on the way home from the book store about how he didn't know I could even read...he had never witnessed it. I corrected him - of course I could read, in fact, I used to read a lot when I lived with my parents. I just hadn't found a book that I was really interested in until now.

At the book store, I looked everywhere to find the books - except for Teen Fiction. I cannot believe that these are books for teenagers. Well, yes, I can, but I can't believe I'm interested in a teen novel. I know its not only me; many of my friends, who are my age, are infatuated with it, and at the movie theatre, I think there were more "adults" there than teens. Could they possibly have made a mistake in what category to classify this?

Regardless, I can't wait to get to lunch, so I can pick it back up again and have visions of sexy ol' Edward Cullen. Who cares if he's only 17...you know how many women would want an experienced 80 something year old man in a 17 year old body full of vigor and energy...whoo! Technically, he's older than me...and as most of you that know me, I've always liked the older ones...

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