Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book Review: One More Day by Minx Malone

One More Day by Minx Malone (The Alexanders #1)
CrushStar Romance Publishing

Format: e-book

First Line(s): "You didn't bring your hot-ass sister with you?"
As soon as the words left his mouth, Jackson Alexander dodged the punch that came sailing his way.  A chorus of laugher rang out around him as he playacted dodging blows while his friend, Matt Simmons, growled at him.
Synopsis from Goodreads: -- Now a National Bestseller --

"You're with the right person when no matter how bad things get, you'd still rather be with them than anywhere else..."

RIDLEY WELLS HAS NO idea what to do with her life now that she's graduated from college. But when a friend is murdered and her apartment is trashed, she runs to the only person she trusts, her twin sister. No one will think to look for her in the rinky dink Virginia town of New Haven. 

Of course, her luck lands her passed out in the grass in front of resident badboy, music producer Jackson Alexander. Strike 1! 

Then she realizes Raina's out of the country and she has nowhere else to go. Strike 2! 

So when the handsome producer with the platinum smile mistakes her for her sister, she gets an idea. 

Where better to hide than in plain sight? 

My Thoughts:  I was skeptical about reading this book.  Typically, I follow book recommendations from my friends.  This however showed up on a "recommendation" list from my Nook, and it was only 99 cents, so how could I go wrong.  Worst case scenario, it was horrible and I wasted 99 cents.  Much better than a horrible read that cost $10.

I was intrigued when I read the synopsis.  Last year, a new TV show aired on the CW that I really enjoyed called Ringer (starring Sarah Michelle Gellar).  This book instantly caught my attention as having a similar plot to the TV show.   Girl has rich twin sister.  Girl seeks shelter from trouble from rich sister.  Rich sister is not around.  Girl takes on sisters identity. Girl falls in love under false pretenses.

Overall, it was a fairly good book.  The characters are described well, and I liked how the book was not written from just one perspective.  It bounced back and forth between Jackson AND Ridley's perspectives.  There are even a couple areas when Raina takes charge and the book is written from her view.  There is never any guessing on what either of the characters feel.  

The book was a fairly quick read.  The downfall to this book is it is 37 chapters long.  There is a lot of information in this book that was unneeded and just "filler" material in my opinion.  This is what kept me from giving the book nearly 4.5 stars.  Parts of the book tended to drag on when it could have cut right to the chase.  This book is intended to be the first part of a series - although with the way that it ended, I'm not sure what the next book would be about.  They will really need to add some pizazz if they intend to captivate the audience again.  Since there is a prequel book by Malone, Teasing Trent, I can only suspect that each book in this series might be about a different Alexander family member - but again, just a guess.

As I stated, I enjoyed this books story line.  There was plenty of drama, romance, humor, and mystery to keep me intrigued.  The relationship between Jackson & Ridley that develop may seem a little far fetched but the whole idea of finding love at first sight keeps the book light and airy.  The mystery behind what happened to the P.I. give the book suspense.  

One More Day is an easy read.  The storyline/interest captivation really developed towards the end of the book.  I, however, would enjoy the whole book have been a page-turner rather than the last few chapters.

One More Day gets 4.0 stars.

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