Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cost Cutting

So, I've always read Rachel's blog, but here lately, after seeing all the discounts and cost cutting she's been doing with coupons (not to mention all the freebies!) I've been watching a little more and more. I've also been visiting more and more blogs on where to get these coupons, how to get stuff free - or almost free, etc. Now, I'm not someone that will just buy something because its only .25. For instance, Just for Men hair color...I am not a man and Tony, well Tony has hardly any hair, so that would be worthless for me to get--even free! It would sit in a closet and collect dust. But Aquafresh Whitening Toothpaste - I'm all over that! So, from time to time on my blog now, you may see some deals that I've got...they probably won't be as good as Rachels, but then again she has a family and I don't so I'm less needy...lol. If your single like me, these might be some good deals for you!

PS - Rachel, do you think I'm getting a little more domesticated in my old age?

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  1. Domesticated Deandra - well wonders never cease. But not in you old age, cause if you are old...well I'm older so we just won't go there. :) Thanks for the props!