Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Off To A Bad Start

Today has not started off well for me. I had dart league last night, which always means that I get home late and usually pretty intoxicated. Last night was no exception. So of course this morning didn't start off too well, not that any Friday does, but this one was worse than normal. The dog started barking at 6:30 which woke me up an hour early. On Fridays, I need as much sleep as possible to sleep off the potential hangover. So, because something got the dogs attention, my sleep was interrupted. After I went and let her out of her kennel, I went back to bed. When I woke at my normal time (7:30) I couldn't find the dog. I went back downstairs to find that she made a mess of her kennel - that I would now have to clean - HUNGOVER. I cleaned the kennel, and went back upstairs to take a shower. After my shower, I went back down to make breakfast. I put an english muffin in the toaster and fed Bella. After about 15 minutes, I couldn't figure out why my muffin wasn't done and realized the toaster was not plugged in. I plugged it in and tried again. This time, someone messed with the setting and I got a piece of charcoal instead of a muffin. I gave up and threw it away and went on without eating. Bella was done eating, which meant that she would need to go outside. Bella is usually very good about sitting patiently and not taking off while I attach her to the lead. However today, a rabbit was in the yard and she bolted, breaking my already broke nail even worse. My neighbors probably heard me cuss I yelled so loud. Now I have to drive around the neighborhood to find my ignorant little mut...however first I have to get dressed because I haven't made it that far in my morning routine. Aggravated, I went upstairs and threw on a sweatshirt and jeans and went to find her. I drove around for at least 15 or 20 minutes before finding her. Now I'm going to be late for work. Still need to dry my hair and put on my makeup and change my clothes. Needless to say, I'm at work, still in the same sweatshirt and jeans that I wore to go find my little mut.

I know it probably seems worse than it really was right now because I'm - not exactly hungover - just tired and now that I think about it, extremely hungry. Thank goodness I have nothing to exhausting going on this evening. Its a relaxing, fun filled evening of scrapmania with Rachel.

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