Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am really not an obsessive person, just addictive. Over my course of life, I have developed these obsessions, which are basically just addictions, but in a fancy form of word that people can imply that you are nuts by using.

#1 - I am obsessed with the Twilight Saga books. I saw the movie after I read the first book of the series and honestly, I didn't think that it was as good as the books, which as they say, they never are. So what would possess me to buy the movie when it comes out on obsession.

#2 - To prove my obsession, I changed my layout to all twilight...just to get the point across. And after a few days of looking at this, I will probably get sick of it and the obsession will go away.

#3 - I am no obsessed with vampires, nor do I want to be one. Unless becoming a vampire will make me lose 30 lbs. Then I'm all for it. Hey, I already have the pale skin, I'm definitely not a vegetarian - I order my steaks med-rare, and I really don't sleep all that well at night. So whats the difference, except that I would have sparkly skin...oh and skinnier.

#4 - I WILL NOT WEAR TWILIGHT ATTIRE, or dress my bed in Edward Cullen sheets, or tattoo lines from the movie on my wrist.

So, infact I do not have an obsession or an addiction, I just really liked reading the books and bought the movie.

Actually, in all reality, it really just gave me something to blog about after I was told that I was so obsessed because I ordered the movie after stating I didn't care for it.

Happy Hump Day!

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