Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Updates

So Friday will be the official 3 month mark till the wedding. Although I have most everything completed except for some "craft" items and things I cannot do till the week or two before, I still don't like waiting till the last minute. I feel relaxed still and not to stressed.

Friday, I went with Allison, my sister-in-law to pick up her bridesmaid dress (which I love the dresses by the way!). While she was trying on her dress the lady at the shop noted that it looks like I lost quite a bit of weight since I was fitted for my dress. I disagreed. She wanted me to try on the display dress again to compare that size, which was a 14, to the size that we ordered - an 18. At the time I ordered my dress, my measurements were in-between an 18 and 20, so we opted to order the smaller size. (Side note - there is no way I would ever wear an 18...I had to order it that big to fit the ta-tas in. However - I couldn't even begin to zip the size 14 display). So, I went ahead and tried on the 14 again and much to my surprise, it zipped all the way up...until it reached the girls. I couldn't believe it! In 3 months I had dropped 2 dress sizes! My secret? Nothing secret at all really, I don't exercise, I don't diet...all I did was stop drinking soda and cut some the sweets out that I typically eat in a day. It was all pretty simple really.

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