Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Day: November 21, 2009

As I'm sure most who follow my blog know, Tony and I got engaged last Monday. Since then, we have been EXTREMELY busy planning this shindig which will take place this November 21, 2009. Yes, we know that is soon, but this way I'm only stressed for less than 5 months...not an entire year. I work much better under pressure anyway. We have already managed to secure the reception hall, order my dress, book the photographer, book the DJ, and put down payments on a couple of churches to hold the date until we decide on one. I'll try to post some pics of things as they come along. So, far here are the vendors we are using...

Reception: Yacovelli's
Photographer: Kris Bueltmann Photography
DJ: Goodtimes Entertainment / Tim Bussen
Dress Designer: Casablanca

Anyone know from past experience, etc. where you can get a good deal on invitations? More to come!


  1. we got our invites through the tux store. my bro in law got free airfare thru their tux rental. be sure to check it out.

    congrats by the way, I am so happy for you.

    Please post pictures of the ring.

  2. Congrats! Travis and I have been planning our for a year now and still have sooo much to get done!